“The Democrat’s Foolish War on Climate”

“The party platform adopted at the Democratic National Convention, on page 45, calls for a national mobilization on the scale of World War II. What enemy deserves the wrath endured by Hirohito and Hitler? Climate change! Democrats want to declare a war on climate.” click here

Does Water Loss Reduction Have Negative Environmental Effects?

Pillot J, Catel L, Renaud E, Augeard B, Roux P. Up to what point is loss reduction environmentally friendly?: The LCA of loss reduction scenarios in drinking water networks. Water Research 2016 Jul 13;104:231-241. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2016.07.025.

In a context of increasing water shortage all over the world, water utilities must minimise losses in their distribution networks and draw up water loss reduction action plans. While leak reduction is clearly an important part of sustainable water management, its impacts have to be reconsidered in a broader objective of environmental protection than strictly the avoided losses in cubic metres of water. Reducing the volume of water abstracted reduces also environmental impacts associated to water production (the operation and infrastructure needed for abstraction, treatment, supply). In the mean time, activities for reducing water losses generate their own environmental impacts, notably as a result of the work, equipment, and infrastructures used for this purpose. In this study, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was used to assess and compare two sets of environmental impacts: those resulting from the production and supply of water which will never reach subscribers, and those caused by water loss reduction activities. This information can then be used to establish whether or not there is a point beyond which loss reduction is no longer effective in reducing the environmental impacts of drinking water supply. Results show that the improvement actions that start from a low water supply efficiency are clearly beneficial for ecosystems, human health and preservation of resources. When seeking to improve the efficiency beyond certain values (about 65%), the uncertainty makes it impossible to conclude for an environmental benefit on all impact categories.

Does Aluminum Ion Inhibit or Promote Disinfection Byproducts?

Shen H, Chen X, Chen H. Influence on the generation of disinfection byproducts in a tannic acid solution by aluminum ions. Environmental Technology. 2016 Aug 17:1-11.

Aluminum (Al) commonly exists in natural waters, and its salts are often used as coagulants in drinking water treatment. Therefore, associated with the security of drinking water, functions of Al ions (Al3+) on generation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) should not be ignored. This study focuses on DBPs and the carcinogenic factor of chlorinated water samples after the addition of Al3+ with different Al3+/initial tannic acid molar ratios. The results imply that Al3+ acts as a promoter of haloacetic acids (HAAs) and an inhibitor of trihalomethanes (THMs) when tannic acid is selected as model compound of natural organic matter during chlorination. Depending on the results of size exclusion chromatography and ultraviolet spectrophotometer, an equilibrium system can be assumed between hydrolysis and flocculation in tannic acid solution with Al3+. Furthermore, influences on the equilibrium system for Al3+ addition may result in various effects on generation and distribution ratios of THMs and HAAs during chlorination. Finally, according to the analyses of a fluorescence spectrophotometer, it is demonstrated that the presence of Al3+helps to increase precursors of DBPs (humic acid-like organics) and then improve the generation of DBPs.

Mineralization of 2,6-Dichlorobenzamide in Sand Filters

Vandermaesen J, Horemans B, Degryse J, Boonen J, Walravens E, Springael D. Mineralization of the common groundwater pollutant 2,6-dichlorobenzamide (BAM) and its metabolite 2,6-dichlorobenzoic acid (2,6-DCBA) in sand filter units of drinking water treatment plants. Environmental Science and Technology. 2016 Aug 17.

The intrinsic capacity to mineralize the groundwater pollutant 2,6-dichlorobenzamide (BAM) and its metabolite 2,6-dichlorobenzoic acid (2,6-DCBA) was evaluated in samples from sand filters (SFs) of drinking water treatment plants (DWTPs). Whereas BAM mineralization occurred rarely and only in SFs exposed to BAM, 2,6-DCBA mineralization was common in SFs, including those treating uncontaminated water. Nevertheless, SFs treating BAM contaminated water showed the highest 2,6-DCBA mineralization rates. For comparison, 2,6-DCBA and BAM mineralization were determined in various topsoil samples. As in SF samples, BAM mineralization was rare, whereas 2,6-DCBA mineralization capacity appeared widespread, with high mineralization rates found especially in forest soils. Multivariate analysis showed that in both SF and soil samples, high 2,6-DCBA mineralization correlated with high organic carbon content. Adding a 2,6-DCBA degradation deficient mutant of the BAM mineralizing Aminobacter sp. MSH1 confirmed that 2,6-DCBA produced from BAM is rapidly mineralized by the endogenous microbial community in SFs showing intrinsic 2,6-DCBA mineralization. This study demonstrates that (i) 2,6-DCBA mineralization is widely established in SFs of DWTPs, allowing the mineralization of any 2,6-DCBA produced during BAM degradation and (ii) the first metabolic step in BAM mineralization is rare in microbial communities, rather than its further degradation beyond 2,6-DCBA.

Change is Good, Right? (and long overdue)

“General Keith Kellogg Tuesday called Donald Trump a “change candidate.” Trump famously said that he will bring about “change” to America, but “real change, not Obama change.” “ click here

Aetna Pulls Out; Goodbye Obamacare

“The news that insurance giant Aetna was canceling future ObamaCare expansion plans and also pulling out of most ObamaCare markets has fused the Affordable Care Act bomb for one final, cataclysmic detonation.” click here

Click here for the back-story of Obamacare’s demise in 350+ headlines.

Are These the Waning Days of the US Media?

I’m just wondering…

If this article is accurate it is very tragic for this country. Regardless of the candidates themselves it seems to me that this attitude represents bullying and distortion of the press rather than freedom of the press or network neurtrality. If it continues it will be just a matter of time before more and more people tune out the US media (who ever they are).