USEPA Proposed Fluoride Reference Dose

On January 7, 2011, USEPA announced its intent to review the drinking water regulations for fluoride.  This action is a follow up to the second Six Year Review (SY2), released March 2010.

USEPA has proposed a reference dose (RfD) for fluoride of 0.08 mg/kg/day for protection against pitting of the tooth enamel (severe dental fluorisis).  The Agency believes that this value also protects against fractures and skeletal effects in adults.  The RfD is the estimate of the daily exposure that is likely to be without harmful effect during a lifetime. A decision has not yet been made regarding any proposed revision to the current MCLG and MCL of 4 mg/L.

Click here for information on the USEPA Fluoride Risk Assessment and Relative Source Contribution (RSC).

2 responses to “USEPA Proposed Fluoride Reference Dose

  1. Nanette DeGroat

    Can you please give the exact link where I can find this info on the EPA site? I’ve been looking for an hour and can’t find it. i am in a battle right now with my village board about not adding fluoride to our public water system.

    • I have not seen anything new from EPA in a long while. Check the link on that particular post. Also, you might search “fluoride” using the search box on the main page of this blog for recent studies.