Preventing “Climate Change” A Lawful Excuse?

Consider this scenario:

Members of an activist group damage a water treatment facility to stop the provision of water…..and shut down all use of water, all industrial activities, and all development….they are arrested and charged with a crime, subjected to a jury trial, and are found not guilty

Their defense? A lawful excuse: Damage to the water facility was justified on the grounds that the destruction was needed to prevent greater damage being caused by climate change to property around the world due to greenhouse gas emissions from the the facility and by the industries and customers using the water.

Sounds far fetched?  Rediculous?  Well consider this excerpt from an article “Climate change in court” published in the June 2011 issue of  Nature Climate Change:

Source:  Adam, D. Climate Change in Court. Nature Climate Change, Vol 1, June 2011.

I hope this example of misguided zeal is not a taste of things to come.

Fred Pontius

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