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Vanderslice, J. 2011: Drinking Water Infrastructure and Environmental Disparities: Evidence and Methodological Considerations

Should it be a surprise that people with low income are not able to afford to pay for infrastructure? Do you think a poor economy and burdensome or ineffective government policies with respect to the economy¬†would have anything to do with this? I’d say so….or is the author intending to imply that the government should pay for infrastructure for everyone so that everyone has exactly the same conditions?…..

Vanderslice, J. Drinking Water Infrastructure and Evironmental Disparities: Evidence and Methodological considerations. Am J Public Health. 2011 Aug 11. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2011.300189

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Potable drinking water is essential to public health; however, few studies have investigated income or racial disparities in water infrastructure or drinking water quality. There were many case reports documenting a lack of piped water or serious water quality problems in low income and minority communities, including tribal lands, Alaskan Native villages, colonias along the United States-Mexico border, and small communities in agricultural areas. Only 3 studies compared the demographic characteristics of communities by the quality of their drinking water, and the results were mixed in these studies. Further assessments were hampered by difficulties linking specific water systems to the sociodemographic characteristics of communities, as well as little information about how well water systems operated and the effectiveness of governmental oversight.