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New York’s Hillview reservior to remain uncovered?

According to the New York City’s 2010 water quality report (click here): 

“Hillview Reservoir is the final reservoir in the Catskill/Dela-ware system prior to distribution. On May 24, 2010, the city and EPA entered into an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC), which sets forth a milestone schedule to cover the Hillview Reservoir by mid-2028. A previous 2008 Administrative Order between the city and NYSDOH automatically incorporates the provisions of the 2010 AOC. DEP is currently in compliance with the milestones set forth in the orders.”

This reservoir is indeed very large…..consider this publicly available image. In other similar situations, the affected water system has proceeded to cover the reservoir, or filter the water exiting the reservoir:







Senator Schumer (D-NY) pressed the USEPA administrator for relief from the requirement for the city to cover this reservoir…..and the USEPA administrator has agreed to review whether covering the reservoir is necessary. click here The reported cost to cover the reservoir is $1.6 billion. Apparently, the customers cannot “afford” to pay for it. If so, what specific criteria will be used to decide what is affordable?

Is the argument against “one size fits all” regulations simply a cover for political favoritism? What about many other water systems large and small whose customers cannot afford to pay for infrastructure required by “one size fits all” regulations where the risk is much less than from Canadian Geese and other waterfowl carrying cryptosporidium into Hillview reservoir?

And I still am waiting for an answer to my prior question (rhetorical of course). If the stimulus bill with all that infrastructure spending was so good for the economy, why would New York not want to build this cover? (Lest I be misunderstood, history has shown what many of us knew in advance…the stimulus bill (HR1) and infrastructure spending did not stimulate the economy, but mostly stimulated bigger government. In my humble view, the stimulus bill was a failure and only made our situation worse by increasing the national debt.)

As I read the New York water quality report, the city has already agreed to cover the reservoir by mid-2028……so 17 years is not enough time to cover it? Huh?

If past trends are followed as I have seen them in my brief 30 years in the profession, a democratic administration will give New York a pass at the request of a democratic senator and press down hard on other areas where opposing political views prevail (e.g., rural areas). We can urge and hope that USEPA will not do this and be fair in its evaluation here as well as with other cities regardless of the prevailing political climate.

USEPA Purchasing Firearms

I’ve heard (but have not confirmed) that federal agencies have armed SWAT teams….This may make some people in the general citizenry nervous…..Not entirely sure why use of firearms by EPA would be necessary, except for perhaps general circumstances of security, but wouldn’t law enforcement officers do this?……It looks below like EPA is arming up. Here are the public purchasing notices for anyone interested:

Title: 10–U.S. EPA Firearms Purchase – SIG Sauer P229


“this procurement will complete a previous order of P229 pistols to all Office of the Inspector (OI) criminal investigators,
includes 10 – SIG Lite front night sight #8; and, 10 – Sig Lite night sight rear.”

Title:       10–U.S. EPA Firearms Purchase – SIG Sauer P239


“The pistol must be a .357 SIG caliber, double action, semi-automatic, and recoil operated….

Pricing shall include armor certification and training, as well as add-on three (3) day conceal weapon carry course for up to ten (10) total armors/instructors….

The P239, which is not a standard duty issue firearm, satisfies OI’s need for an undercover/surveillance weapon utilizing the identical ammunition loaded into P229 weapons.”