Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

Is drinking water a human right?

This breif note (click here) from the Whittier Daily News draws attention to a California Assembly Bill that would declare drinking water a human right. The UN, also mentioned in the article, has also made such a statement.

If drinking water is a human right, where does this right come from? Who or what gives us this right to drinking water? Government? Or perhaps the UN itself? And how does this individual right manifest itself in societal decision-making?

This type of thinking is headed down the wrong path….one that is fraught with calamity and misery. I’ll say more on this in a future post….  

Mobile drinking water treatment system for emergencies

The Barstow, California, Fire Dept now has a mobile filtration system for use during emergencies……click here for details.

Sewer cross-connection pollutes tap water in New Delhi

A sewer cross connection is reported to have caused tap water contamination and illness in Defence Colony in Delhi. click here  A direct cross connection to a sewer can definitely cause illness….as any residual chlorine, if present at all, will be quickly depleted.

Source: www.mapsofindia.com