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Fu et al 2011: On the warming in the tropical upper troposphere: Model versus observations

This paper discusses the failure of IPCC multi-decadal global model predictions, which over estimate warming in the tropical upper troposphere.

Fu, Q., S. Manabe, and C. Johanson (2011), On the warming in the tropical upper troposphere: Models versus observations, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L15704. doi:10.1029/2011GL048101

Click here to obtain the full paper (fee).  For more discussion of the significance of this paper, click here.


IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) AR4 (Fourth Assessment Report) GCMs (General Circulation Models) predict a tropical tropospheric warming that increases with height, reaches its maximum at ∼200 hPa, and decreases to zero near the tropical tropopause. This study examines the GCM‐predicted maximum warming in the tropical upper troposphere using satellite MSU (microwave sounding unit)‐derived deep‐layer temperatures in the tropical upper‐ and lower‐middle troposphere for 1979–2010. While satellite MSU/AMSU observations generally support GCM results with tropical deep‐layer tropospheric warming faster than surface, it is evident that the AR4 GCMs exaggerate the increase in static stability between tropical middle and upper troposphere during the last three decades.

Press Spin: Colorado and Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is receiving attention just about everywhere these days. When I began to write this post several months ago, I stumbled across an article in the Colorado Democrat and Chronicle that raised the need to review Colorado’s oil and gas regulations. I note that this article has since been removed: Click here for where a pro-hydrofracking article was posted. (Deleted because it did not sing the party line?)

In April,  the Denver Post (in effect, the voice of the liberal/progressives) ran this article with as much spin as it could muster, (click here) with the following headline: 

“Colorado No. 2 in carcinogen-laced “fracking” fluids”

As discussions of fracking in Colorado continued, this opinion was authored (click here) by activists against fracking.  These folks are certainly entitled to voice an opinion, as is anyone else, but when a political activist group like MoveOn.org is involved one must consider the motive.

Now, fracking fluid disclosure rules are expected in Colorado by the end of the year. Click here.

Perhaps this will help improve Colorado’s economy, where income has declined sharply from 1999 to  2010 (click here). (Remember to say thank you to Mr. Ritter and Mr. Hickenlooper.) I was self employed in Colorado during this period, and so can speak from direct experience.

Palm Beach County, Florida known for corruption?

$70 million dollars to install a pumping system to move water out of a 6o foot deep open pit…..but it was the sale of the pit where corruption occurred……click here for a recent news article. Click here for an earlier article.

I notice that the cost for this project is being paid via the reserve account.  I wonder if they have a reserve money stash for when their official reserve account is depleted?…..