Daily Archives: November 19, 2011

DuPage, Illinois raises water rates

Buying water from Chicago is not cheap…..DuPage water charges are going up 30% this year, and 20%, 18%, and 17%, the next three years, respectively.

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Texas hazardous waste injection well to become national political issue?

A permit issued for a hazardous waste injection well…..despite objections raised…..links to the Governor claimed….is drinking water contamination a legitimate concern, or is drinking water again being used as a political club to smash a presidential candidate?    I guess time will tell……click here for more.

San Bernadino, California wastewater recycle plan gets suckered

The Santa Ana sucker fish depends on the city’s wastewater discharge….and it is listed as an endangered specie….to divert and reuse the wastewater would remove its habitat….two more years of study are needed…….but I suspect no amount of study will satisfy the environmental activist opposition…. Click here for the full article.

Source: Press-Enterprise

New Gloucester, Maine approves funds, other funding still needed

A project to provide a new ground water source to replace contaminated wells received a funding boost, but additional funding still needed…..click here.

Nyack, New York exceeds lead action level

More than 75 ug/L in a first draw lead sample should be taken seriously….there’s no EPA regulation that says a water system or building owner has to wait around for EPA to kick them in order for them to act……the fact that most water systems just comply with EPA rules, and are not more aggressive, is the reason EPA thinks they have to micro-regulate drinking water.  Get the lead out and solve these types of problems and just maybe the regulators will go away….click here for lead in Nyack.

Portsmouth, Hew Hampshire starts up Madbury Water Plant

A new $18.4 million toy in Madbury…..and on-time and under budget to boot….click here.

US House of Representatives defeats [phoney] Balanced Budget Amendment

In any given year, the United States Congress and the Administration (regardless of party) could enact a balanced budget and stick to it…..but do they?……No.

If they can’t do it out of a sense of responsibility to the citizens who elected them, then would a balanced budget amendment with out a spending cap make them do it? ……No.

Always remember: “There are no rules in congress, congress makes the rules.”

HJ Res. 2 (click here for text) was voted on and defeated yesterday by the House of Representatives (click here for vote record).

It would have amended the US Constitution to require a balanced budget be proposed each year. So far, so good.

It would have required a 3/5 approval vote of each chamber to increase the debt limit. But it would have only required a simple majority of each chamber to raise revenues (which means increasing taxes).

However, the resolution as well as the others has a fatal flaw. It did not address spending, and says nothing regarding any spending cap, or any taxation limits. In effect, it is a recipe for never ending tax increases…never ending spending. Without any limits or checks on spending….congress will follow its own rules to go right ahead and increase spending and taxes without measure……

HJ Res 1 is similar, but required a 3/5 vote to increase revenues. This was changed later to get votes….but it weakened the resolution to in effect make it meaningless and resulted in lost votes….

Why HJ Res 2 was brought to a vote is unclear? Have some republican leaders been in congress so long it has impaired their judgement? I think so…..2012 is time for a change.