Daily Archives: November 24, 2011

Dept of Homeland Security denies report of Illinois water plant hacking

Was it or was it not a cyber intrusion? I wonder if we will know for sure…..click here for a different perspective on the recently reported cyber attacks…..

Press Spin: Squabbling continues over fracturing fluid contents

Opponents of gas development continue to hammer on what compounds may be in fluid used for hydraulic fracturing…..click here for a typical article….Yes, there can be some compounds in these chemicals that are harmfull to humans at high exposure levels….but the underlying issue driving opposition is not protection of the environment or protection of water supply sources….but furthering an ideology…..where everything is thrown against the wall to stop energy development…..

Google kills renewable energy projects, Weihl out.

So much for “cheaper than coal”….click here and click here for more….

Passamaquoddy Tribe, Maine to build water bottling facility

A new bottled water facility is expected to cost $25 million and create 96 full time jobs….click here….

Santa Clara Valley Water District: Flouridation pro and con

Here is one news report of pro and con arguments made as to whether the Santa Clara Valley Water District in California (proliberal establishment?) should add fluoride to the drinking water. Whether the report is accurate cannot be determined, however, if indeed these arguments were made as reported then there are inaccuracies on both sides.

Of course, there are methods other than paying $4 to 9 million in capital and $0.8 million operation costs to fluoridate the water that can be used to give high risk children the benefits of fluoride during tooth formation……having kids brush their teeth after they are formed is a good idea too….

I have a feeling this David (citizens) vs Goliath (establishment) situation is not over just yet….click here for coverage….

Copepods in New York City Drinking water, not kosher.

Nothing to see here…..just move along…..or click here for more.

Groesbeck, Texas running out of water

Droughts like this have occurred in the past….and when they occur….the water reservoirs run dry…..In Groesbeck, a temporarly water line will be run through a park to a quarry….seven miles away.  Click here for more….