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Drought in northern Mexico affecting 1,500 towns

While other areas of Mexico have been troubled by floods and hail, northern Mexico is experiencing drought…..click here.

Appalachian Surface Mining Permit Applications delayed…

Summary is below. Click here for the full report.

Aqua Pennsylvania proposes ~10% rate increase

$5.08 monthly increase for typical residential customers, for a typical monthly bill of $57.72.

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United Water proposes rate increase for Owego, New York

33 percent rate increase proposed over 3 years, beginning with a 14 percent increase next year. Click here for more…

Bamboo pipeline helps solve water supply problem

In the early days, wood stave pipe was used in the United States. Use of local materials should always be considered, such as bamboo in this case….click here.

Fluoridation: Is the science settled?

After reading this article on Rolla, Missouri deliberations on fluoridation, I have to say the “science is settled” and “no need to reinvent the wheel” argument from the dental community reminds me of the “science is settled” argument of the global warming advocates. Of coure, science progresses and what is considered sound many years ago may not be the case today. 

To ask what are the benefits of drinking water fluoridation today in light of other sources of flouride is a question that deserves a solid scientific answer based on the best available science today…..not 40 or 50 years ago.

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Iron and manganese problem persists in Denmark, South Carolina

Discolored water and other issues result in unsatisfactory rating….click here.

Source: The Times and Democrat


Resident Johnnie Rosa at Monday’s Denmark City Council meeting holds up a bottle of discolored water she said she drew from her tap at home on Nov. 10. “You can’t wash clothes with it, let alone drink it,” she said.