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ClimateGate 2.0: Publication gatekeeping did indeed occur

Publication gatekeeping is when a reviewer or person in a decision-making position decides to ignor or reject a paper or study to intentionally keep an alternative point of view out of the peer-reviewed literature.

This can take many forms…..once I received over 80 nit-picky comments on a paper from 1 reviewer…..obviously trying to keep the paper from being published…..the other reviewers were not so foolish, and the paper was published after revision….

As an example, in this case (click here) an IPCC lead author served as gatekeeper to keep out certain papers……

The IPCC reports are the views of a select few….they are not peer-reviewed in the scientific sense and do not represent a “scientific consensus” as claimed….

Press Spin: The hydraulic fracturing conspiracy

For those interested in following conspiracy theories, click here for the hydraulic fracturing conspiracy.  Keep in mind the following:

  • Injection of liquid wastes as occurred at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal is not the same as hydraulic fracturing to release coal bed methane….
  • The Oklahoma earthquakes could not be definitively attributed to hydraulic fracturing or anything else….this is also stated in the USGS report…the earthquakes occurred in an area that is known for siesmic activity…
  • Water wells in areas of known natural gas reserves and gas well fields can be expected to have methane gas at some point in time, regardless of whether hydraulic fracturing is performed…..in fact lakes in certain areas of the world have naturally high methane concentrations as gas eventually finds it way to water and/or the atmosphere….

American Water has highest debt to EBITDA ratio of private water utilities

Top 3:

  1. American Water 5.1
  2. Connecticut Water Service 4.6
  3. Middlesex Water 4.5

Click here for financial news report….

Hyponatremia: drinking too much water can kill you

Too much water consumed quickly can cause hyponatremia….fatalities from this condition are reported at least a few times every year. Click here for examples from California (land of the friuts and nuts) of what can happen…..

Swietlik et al 2011: Corrosion in drinking water pipes: The importance of green rusts

J. Swietlik, U. Raczyk-Stanislawiak, P. Piszora, and J. Nawrocki. Corrosion in drinking water pipes: The importance of green rusts. Water Research, 2011; Oct 25.

Complex crystallographic composition of the corrosion products is studied by diffraction methods and results obtained after different pre-treatment of samples are compared. The green rusts are found to be much more abundant in corrosion scales than it has been assumed so far. The characteristic and crystallographic composition of corrosion scales and deposits suspended in steady waters were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The necessity of the examination of corrosion products in the wet conditions is indicated. The drying of the samples before analysis is shown to substantially change the crystallographic phases originally present in corrosion products. On sample drying the unstable green rusts is converted into more stable phases such as goethite and lepidocrocite, while the content of magnetite and siderite decreases. Three types of green rusts in wet materials sampled from tubercles are identified. Unexpectedly, in almost all corrosion scale samples significant amounts of the least stable green rust in chloride form was detected. Analysis of corrosion products suspended in steady water, which remained between tubercles and possibly in their interiors, revealed complex crystallographic composition of the sampled material. Goethite, lepidocrocite and magnetite as well as low amounts of siderite and quartz were present in all samples. Six different forms of green rusts were identified in the deposits separated from steady waters and the most abundant was carbonate green rust GR(CO(3)(2-))(I).

Click here to obtain the full paper (fee).