Daily Archives: November 30, 2011

Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power proposes water rate adjustments

Facing increasing costs due to regulations, the Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power (LADWP) is proposing a rate adjustment (click here)…..of course, citizens have to pay for it so providing safe drinking water can always a #1 priority….it costs the citizens, not the city….

The LA City Council has appointed a rate payer advocate…..sounds good….but let’s think about it for a moment…..if the citizen’s need a rate payer advocate, then does that not tell us that City Council and LADWP are not responsive to the citizens? Is this just a different form of government control…… Just wondering…..of course, the elephant in the room is the question of whether any or all of the regulations driving rate increases are even necessary….perhaps they are or at least some are, but the citizens who pay for it have no say in the matter….(except perhaps at election time, which is next year, 2012)….

Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians (CA) given $11 million for water projects

Part of a 2008 agreement between the tribe, federal government, local and regional water suppliers……$11 million goes to tribe for water infrastructure upgrades and $10 million to two local water districts for groundwater restoration and recharge projects….click here for more….

CRS Report: US Fossil Fuel Resources


Veterans Affairs Letter: Exposure to Contaminated Drinking Water at Camp Lejune

Cover letter is below.  Click here for news coverage.  Click here for the full document with attachments.

Arsenic, lead found in some fruit juices

A Consumer Reports study finds just enough arsenic and lead in some juices to raise public alarm…click here for press….click here for the study…

Mobile drinking water treatment trailor to serve Mongolia

The Mongolia National Water Committee has agreed with a private company to serve water in Mongolia using a mobile drinking water feed trailor.  Click here for more….

Nitrate levels in Devola, Ohio to be addressed

Ohio EPA will be presenting results of testing on Thrusday evening, Dec. 1, at Marietta College.  Click here for more…