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Draft EPA Report: Investigation of Ground Water Contamination near Pavillion, Wyoming

Click here or on the image below for the full report. Click here for the press release. A 45-day public comment period has begun. At first look, the agency appears to be saying that “We can’t rule out any man-made activity so all practices are equally guilty, except for natural causes which have no role at all.” In post-modern science, nothing has to actually be proven….it just has to be a convincing story….

Pavillion, Wyoming fracking obfuscation…..

Environmental activists are once again returning to Pavillion, Wyoming to argue that hydraulic fracturing caused natural gas to seep into water wells. click here. Such seepage is a natural phenomena in areas like Pavillion.

For a more balanced article on the Pavillion situation, click here.

Will New Jersey reform “Jackson’s rules”….and allow sanitary sewers?

Perhaps pit privey’s are the environmentalists answer in New Jersey where sanitary sewers are prohibited (click here)…….while at a migrant camp in Mexico last year, I observed a line of 50 pit priveys serving as their wastewater system. A double (100) or triple (150) line would be needed in New Jersey.

If Corzine ran the New Jersey government like he did MF Global, then perhaps it is not surprising that “Jackson’s rules” are unworkable.

Philippine flooding takes toll, drinking water scarce

650+ deaths from flooding….drinking water plant damaged making potable water scarce….click here for more reporting.



Has NOAA faked global temperature data? A response is needed…..

Adjustments to data are sometimes made by researchers to account for known errors or biases.  Of course, there is always a temptation to throw out data for no good reason that appears to be too extreme, calling them outliers, and also to make inappropriate “adjustments” to fit the data set to a predetermined outcome, thinking that no one will ever find out.

The charge is now being made that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been making unjustified changes to global temperature data….resulting in a global warming bias not necessarily evident in the raw data itself. One example is provided below…click here for the complete analysis.  This is a serious charge and a response from NOAA is needed.

Kounaves et al 2010: Discovery of natural perchlorate in the Antarctic Dry Valleys and its global implications

S.P. Kounaves, S.T. Stroble, R.M. Anderson, Q. Moore, D.C. Catling, S. Douglas, C.P. McKay, D.W. Ming, P.H. Smith, L.K. Tamppari, and A.P. Zent. Discovery of natural perchlorate in the Antarctic Dry Valleys and its global implications. Environ Sci Technol. 2010 Apr 1;44(7):2360-4.

Abstract: In the past few years, it has become increasingly apparent that perchlorate (ClO(4)(-)) is present on all continents, except the polar regions where it had not yet been assessed, and that it may have a significant natural source. Here, we report on the discovery of perchlorate in soil and ice from several Antarctic Dry Valleys (ADVs) where concentrations reach up to 1100 microg/kg. In the driest ADV, perchlorate correlates with atmospherically deposited nitrate. Far from anthropogenic activity, ADV perchlorate provides unambiguous evidence that natural perchlorate is ubiquitous on Earth. The discovery has significant implications for the origin of perchlorate, its global biogeochemical interactions, and possible interactions with the polar ice sheets. The results support the hypotheses that perchlorate is produced globally and continuously in the Earth’s atmosphere, that it typically accumulates in hyperarid areas, and that it does not build up in oceans or other wet environments most likely because of microbial reduction on a global scale.

Click here to obtain the full paper (fee).