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Reality Check: High School diploma requirement may violate American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

According to this information discussion letter (click here), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) say there are some circumstances whereby employers requiring job applicants to have a high school diploma as a minimum requirement may violate the ADA requirements….. click here for an informative news article….

Press Spin: Louisville Courier-Journal spins Cr-VI article both ways

Several alarmist articles have appeared trying to spin the anticipated decision of EPA to regulate chromium-6…… click here for prior post on such an article…..

And now we see an article (click here) spinning both ways……same old story line, an old outdated photo to give it some local appeal, implying falsely that the CA PHG is relevant (it is not), pointing out what Louisville Water Co (LWC) has done to control chromium-6 (which is the only good thing about the article)…….and then quoting a non-expert politician from the Water Research Foundation (WRF, formerly AWWARF) saying Louisville has gone further than needed…..of course, LWC is a big $$$ contributor to WRF…..hummm

I had the privilege of knowing the very first Executive director of the AWWA Reserach Foundation (AWWARF)…Elroy Spizter…..in the early 1980s, 2 former EPA employess were hired to replace Elroy and run the AWWARF….and they took this organization and AWWA in a completely different direction from what it claimed to be then…….making promises to the US Congress it did not keep…..and playing an important role in fulfillment of the “Colorado model” for political takeover by the Democrat party……observed from first-hand experience…

Singapore secures water tanks after body found….

Good idea….click here….

Khan et al 2011: Manganese exposure from drinking water and children’s academic achievement

A typical ecologic study with all of the traditional limitations.  The abstract does not provide an adequate characterization of significance…..the lower 95% confidence limit of score loss is near zero….

Khan, K., G.A. Wasserman, X. Liu, E. Ahmed, F. Parvez, V. Slavkovich, D. Levy, J. Mey, A. van Geen, J.H. Graziano, and P. Factor-Litvak. 2011. Manganese exposure from drinking water and children’s academic achievement. Neurotoxicology. Dec 13.

Abstract: Drinking water manganese (WMn) is a potential threat to children’s health due to its associations with a wide range of outcomes including cognitive, behavioral and neuropsychological effects. Although adverse effects of Mn on cognitive function of the children indicate possible impact on their academic achievement little evidence on this issue is available. Moreover, little is known regarding potential interactions between exposure to Mn and other metals, especially water arsenic (WAs). In Araihazar, a rural area of Bangladesh, we conducted a cross-sectional study of 840 children to investigate associations between WMn and WAs and academic achievement in mathematics and languages among elementary school-children, aged 8-11 years. Data on As and Mn exposure were collected from the participants at the baseline of an ongoing longitudinal study of school-based educational intervention. Annual scores of the study children in languages (Bangla and English) and mathematics were obtained from the academic achievement records of the elementary schools. WMn above the WHO standard of 400μg/L was associated with 6.4% score loss (95% CI=0.5, 12.3) in mathematics achievement test scores, adjusted for WAs and other sociodemographic variables. We did not find any statistically significant associations between WMn and academic achievement in either language. Neither WAs nor urinary As was significantly related to any of the three academic achievement scores. Our finding suggests that a large number of children in rural Bangladesh may experience deficits in mathematics due to high concentrations of Mn exposure in drinking water.

Click here for the full study (fee).