Dimock Township, Pennsylvania to receive drinking water again

Oil and gas development can have a number of impacts on the surrounding area. Regardless of whether water well contamination is caused by hydraulic fracturing or some other drilling activity, local residents who end up with contaminated water wells as a result of oil and gas development should have a reliable supply of potable water provided.

Source: syracuse.com

Environmental activists are blaming every single contaminated well on hydraulic fracturing to stop oil and gas development nationally. But other activities and natural causes also result in water well contamination. If it is oil and gas related, then some type of compensation for damages is warranted. However, eventhough it looks obvious to the homeowner, the cause may not be hydraulic fracturing at all.

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2 responses to “Dimock Township, Pennsylvania to receive drinking water again

  1. Sharon Levine

    Hello Dr. Pontius. Do you know if contaminated frack water contains naegleria fowleri? If it does, does the fracking activity contribute to the presence of this bacteria? Thank you.