Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

USEPA to provide water to 4 Dimock, PA homes, conduct sampling

Yelling at the EPA administrator worked, at least for now…….4 homes will be provided water and additional sampling will be conducted while EPA takes a closer look at the situation…..click here for news article…

With all of the possible factors involved, sampling “after the fact” cannot establish cause and effect scientifically, so even with addtional well testing results, it may likely not be provable as to the contamination cause.


Broken Arrow, Oklahoma gets loans for water plant

$64,755,000 from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) and $1.32 million in local funds……good for Broken Arrow, but nationally these loan programs are financially unsustainable for the rest of us to the degree that federal funds are required for capitalization……click here

Photo Source: Fox23.com

Press Spin: Manganese makes non-news in Massachusetts

In 2004, USEPA issued a health advisory for manganese in drinking water (click here). This has been adopted and/or made available by states, including Massachusetts (click here). The fact that this advisory was issued is non-news today.

Seems like Lakeville, Massachusetts Board of Health has been snoozing and is now just waking up to this by issuing a manganese warning this month (click here)…..only took them 7+ years…

Yup, that board is focused like a laser, just like our President……..click here for news article….