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Prenter, West Virginia wells not affected by mining activities

A study commissioned by the state Department of Environmental Protection examining 133 domestic wells did not reveal evidence of widespread mining induced impacts to groundwater quality in the Prenter/Sand Lick area of Boone County. All wells met the state drinking water standards.  Click here for more…

Click here for an update…..one high lead site found…


Press Spin: Activists going after nuclear power…..

Recent failures of alternative energy companies is a real setback for that sector….the solar power industry may not survive…….So it is not a surprise to see now activist press articles raising fears about nuclear power and coal…..to divert attention away from alternative energy failures….

After conducting a training event in Colorado several years ago a water operator from Boulder County came up to me and said: ” I will do anything to stop nuclear power….” This comment was completely unsolicited and had nothing to with my presentations……but it shows just how anti-nuclear power (and anti-coal) activists will use any means to impose their will on others.

Click here for an article about the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant (California)….there are no issues here….just scare tactics…

Click here for the effort in New Jersey…..drinking water protection is raised as the issue, but there are already regs in place…..just another opportunity to make noise….

Click here for the effort in Pennsylvania…

Click here for the effort in Tennessee….

Click here for the effort in Mississippi….

Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Spread fear, fear, and more fear.

And last but not least, click here for a article about New York City at a Chinese web site…..

China cadmium spill pollutes water supplies

Cadmium discharged from a mining company has polluted two rivers in Southern China (click here).   3.7 million people of Liuzhou in the Guangxi region have been warned to avoid drinking river water.

Federal Budget Update: Democrat-Controlled Senate has Failed

Basha and Sujitha 2011: Chronic fluoride toxicity and myocardial damage: antioxidant offered protection in second generation rats

This is a typical animal toxicology study of fluoride toxicity…..fluoride exposure is high….

Basha, M.P. and N.S. Sujitha. Chronic fluoride toxicity and myocardial damage: antioxidant offered protection in second generation rats. Toxicol Int. 2011 Jul;18(2):99-104.

Abstract: This experiment was designed to investigate the extent of peroxidative changes and histological alterations in the myocardium of rats exposed to high fluoride for two generations, in addition to ameliorative role of selenium and vitamin E on the above indices. Adult albino Wistar rats were given fluoride through drinking water (200 ppm F) and maintained subsequently for two generations, while they were exposed to fluoride throughout the experiment. Fluoride treatment significantly increased the lipid peroxidation and decreased the activity of antioxidant enzymes, viz., catalase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione level in auricle and ventricle regions of the heart. Decreased feed and water consumption, organ somatic index and marginal drop in body growth rate were observed. Decreased antioxidant enzymes and increased malondialdehyde levels might be related to oxidative damage that occurs variably in the myocardium of rats. Biochemical changes were supported by the histological observations, which also revealed that chronic exposure to fluoride causes damage to the myocardium. Results of this study can be taken as an index of cardio-toxicity in rats exposed to water fluoridation. Further, oral supplementation of selenium and vitamin E not only inhibited oxidative stress but also enhanced the activities of antioxidant enzymes. Administration of antioxidants during fluoride exposure significantly overcame cardiac fluoride toxicity and therefore may be a therapeutic strategy for fluorotic victims.

Click here for the full paper (free).