Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gorakhpur (India) sees increased waterborne disease

Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur city is reported to a dramatic increase in the spread of waterborne diseases. Click here for news article.

Sonoma County (CA) considering water fluoridation

Looks like a spirited discussion amongst the Sonoma County supervisors whether to add fluoride. (click here) Some of the claims of the critics are a little out there, but raising health concerns about water fluoridation is not “scare tactics.”

From this article it looks like Supervisor Mike McGuire is not up to date on the health studies conducted over the last decade on fluoride that would raise concern.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the water field have supported fluoridation without really thinking about it…..

GAO finds $billions in US government cost-savings opportunities

Click here or image below for the full GAO report.

Village of Montgomery (IL) raises water rates 3%

Small increase for Montgomery, Illinois, but no change in rates for Boulder Hill….click here.

Deerfield Beach (FL) to seek liquidated damages for RO plant delay

A new reverse osmosis (RO) plant was due to begin a two-week start-up process on Feb. 27.   If it did, it was only 315 days behind schedule. 

The city is not happy…..and intends to seek $600,000 in liquidated damages.

Click here for more….

Somerset Borough (PA) accepts $1.95 million Pennvest Loan

Somerset Borough Council has unanimously accepted a Pennvest loan of $1.95 million for new water distribution lines and a storage tank….click here.

Press Spin: Is drinking water safe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Medicine collection days give the local press a perfect opportunity to raise alarm over the safety of drinking water….like this article in Milwaukee….click here.

A medicine collection day will be held at six sites on April 19 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. so residents can properly dispose of pills.