Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

Climate conspiracy? Follow the money….

Well, this graphic from Bishop Hill (courtesy of Cartoons by Josh) certainly tells the story….and this is only 1 year of funding for climate….where is the conspiracy? Government agencies and their dependents (universities, consultants, etc) that’s where!  They spend all this money each year still can’t get the science to a point of credibility….amazing and sad at the same time….lot’s of opportunity here for government spending cuts….

Standard and Poors to water/wastewater utilities – raise rates!

Standard and Poors (S&P) currently rates almost 97 percent of municipal water and sewer utilities at A or higher.  S&P has said that “a credible history of adjusting rates proactively is a factor that continues supporting rating stability.”  So, raise those rates to maintain a favorable credit rating……click here for article….

Windsor Utilities Commission (Canada) votes to eliminate fluoride

The Utilities Commission in Windsor votes to eliminate fluoride from drinking water….decision now moves to the Windsor city councillors.

Click here for news article and interesting comments….

Press Spin: Rhode Island surface water quality a problem?

The State of Rhode Island is the size of a large county….though it has 2 Senators just like any other state…..

This alarming report and headline (click here) is intended to get the citizenry worried……Rhode Island has more than 237 lakes, ponds and reservoir…..43 are reservoirs that are sources of public drinking water supplies…..and they serve 11 public water systems.

74% of the population is served by these systems. 24% of the water sources “face pollutant problems.” So if I understand this article, about 11 reservoirs face water quality problems.  

Gosh, for a large county, this might not be so bad. It implies that 76% of the sources do not face water quality problems….though we know any surface reservoir water quality will fluctuate with the season of the year, turnover, algae, etc. These so called “water quality problems” sound like what we would expect any way…..

I can think of other counties with much, much worse surface water quality than Rhode Island….