Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Press Spin: Making political hay out of chromium 6?

More noise being made to pressure the state of California to set a chromium 6 standard faster……This time Democrat Adam Schiff………click here. Rep. Schiff must know that California has an assessment and regulatory process that it must legally follow, so a statement like this by a politician has little effect other than browbeating……..for the current status, click here.

This statement by Rep. Schiff is just another opportunity for a Democrat to try to make political hay out of water…..

Lynchburg, Virginia considers how to fund infrastructure

Water rate increases look to be inevitable….or so it seems, in Lynchburg, Virgina….A healthy economy is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable water system……how’s that hope and change working? Click here for more….

Myerstown (PA): “More folks were happy to have it [fluoride] out of the water system”

Myerstown Water Authority, Pennsylvania, has discontinued adding fluoride as of Jan. 31, with approval of the Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection. Click here for the news report….