Central Coast Regional Water Quality Board (CA) adopts controversial regulations

Nitrate contamination in rural agricultural areas is not a new phenomena. The alarmist press spin in most articles on this action was clearly intented to push the Water Quality Board to adopt new rules over the objection of the agricultural interests. In short, it’s an environmentalist+state power play, with not much to do with agricultural sustainability. Click here for a news report….

The UC Davis study was apparently funded to give the regulators justification for this action. It is certainly true that everyone is affected by agricultural pollution. But not everyone is equally affected, and it looks from here that those most affected had little consideration. The “it’s everyones problem” mediation approach always has the practical affect of diluting the voice of those who are most affected…..which is the primary goal of the statist perspective. Workshops at best inform….we can reasonably predict that the solution proposed, if any, will be more state programs and regulations….

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