Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Radiated energy….thermodynamics….and “net energy” transfer?

This study concludes CO2 has insignificant effect and challenges the idea of a “net” energy flow. Click here or image below for the full report. Click here an informative discussion.





Kashmir cities have tainted drinking water

Coliform bacteria have been detected in drinking water from several cities in Kashmir. Outbreaks of viral hepatitis A and E have been reported frequently…..generally more than one outbreak per month which is related to water contamination….

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Unfinished subdivisions cause distributed water stagnation

When a new subdivision connects to a water distribution system, but fails before any homes are built…..are a challenge for the water utility, and for the developer. Water use is so low or not at all that chlorine residual becomes depleted and tap water quality deteriorates….

Click here for one utility’s approach to this problem in Las Vegas….