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Lake Mathews (CA) to remain closed to the public

Lake Mathews in Riverside County, California has been closed to recreation since its dedication in 1940.  A bill proposing public access to the 4-square-mile drinking water reservoir has been withdrawn in the California Assembly.

Public access to the reservoir comes up periodically. But the owner,  Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, has agreements with other agencies prohibiting public access. Click here for Press-Enterprise article….

Press Spin: Portland, Oregon puts happy face on Bull Run filtration avoidance

Portland, Oregon’s filtration avoidance decision from EPA is certainly good news for the Portland water bureau…..but I’m not so sure it’s good news for the citizens, but they can decide for themselves….

Everything is great in Portland, and it always has been, of course…..by definition.

But, if it walks, talks, and looks like a duck…then its a duck.  And sure enough, this decision is Democrat politics as usual, with Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley taking the credit…Is  he up for re-election?  Click here for the latest spin….

Philomath (OR) voters approve adding fluoride to drinking water

Click here for the news report…..in certain areas voters go along with the government (in this case dept of Health and Human Services) and in other areas they will vote otherwise…..

But be clear….adding fluoride to water is almost always a political decision….putting faith in big government….not an informed local health decision….

Multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed against South Carolina water suppliers

Seven Anderson, South Carolina residents filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit alleging that contaminated water provided by the Anderson Joint Regional Water System and the Broadway water district  caused them to have infections, skin and intestinal problems, and led to the amputation of one man’s leg.

Interesting twist…….an Anderson City Council member, Tom Dunaway, an Attorney, represents the residents…….click here for news report…..

San Juan Capistrano (CA) may exit desalination project…

Times are tough, city budgets are tight….and San Juan Capistrano may bail out on the Dana Point desalination project…..click here for more…..

Groundwater not contaminated by Halaco Superfund Site (CA)

Investigation at the Halaco site in Oxnard, California found pollutants not penetrating 30 feet of clay protecting the deeper waters used for human consumption and farming….click here for news report….

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure found not associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes

No associations were found between estimated serum PFOA levels and adverse pregnancy outcomes other than possibly preeclampsia….

Savitz, DA, Stein, CR, Bartell, SM, Elston, B, Gong, J. Shin, HM, Wellenius, GA. Perfluorooctanoic Acid Exposure and Pregnancy Outcome in a Highly Exposed Community. Epidemiology. 2012 Feb 24.

BACKGROUND: We assessed the association between perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and pregnancy outcome in an area with elevated exposure to PFOA from drinking water contaminated by chemical plant releases.

METHODS: Serum PFOA was measured, and reproductive and residential histories were obtained during 2005-2006. We estimated serum PFOA levels at the time of pregnancy for 11,737 pregnancies occurring between 1990 and 2006, based on historical information on PFOA releases, environmental distribution, pharmacokinetic modeling, and residential histories. We assessed the association between PFOA and the odds of miscarriage, stillbirth, preeclampsia, preterm birth, term low birthweight, and birth defects, controlling for calendar time, age, parity, education, and smoking. PFOA exposure was evaluated as a continuous measure (with and without log transformation) and in quintiles, combining the lowest 2 quintiles (<6.8 ng/mL) as the referent.

RESULTS: Measures of association between PFOA and miscarriage, preterm birth, term low birthweight, and birth defects were close to the null. Odds of stillbirth were elevated in the fourth quintile only. For preeclampsia, the odds ratio was 1.13 (95 confidence interval =1.00-1.28) for an interquartile shift in log-transformed PFOA, and the odds ratios were 1.1-1.2 across the upper 3 quintiles of exposure.

CONCLUSIONS: In this large, population-based study in a region with markedly elevated PFOA exposure, we found no associations between estimated serum PFOA levels and adverse pregnancy outcomes other than possibly preeclampsia. Conclusions are tempered by inherent limitations in exposure reconstruction and self-reported pregnancy outcome information.

Click here for the full paper (fee).