Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

Should the press be required to report truth?

An interesting twist in Venezuela……Last week the press reported on possible drinking water pollution.

At the request of President Chavez, the court has now ruled that press reports must contain “truthful technical support backed by a competent institution.” Click here….

Hey, what a concept! Requiring press reports to contain truthful technical support…..

Sierra Club continues its war on migratory birds, human health, and public welfare

Hundreds of migratory birds, including threatened and endangered species, are chopped up each year by wind turbines. Wind energy  accounts for <1 percent of the energy generated, and yet the many adverse impacts of this technology are brushed aside.

Attacking hydraulic fracturing is the latest strategy used to stop natural gas production as an energy source. Recent scaremongering across the country was persued by the Pubic Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) with regard to nuclear power plants. Coal is now called “dirty” in a public relations attempt to force public opinion against coal fired power generation.

Public health, public welfare….and safe drinking water….go hand in hand with affordable energy. These continued attacks on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy are unwarrented and destructive. Yes these technologies have their share of problems….and improved technologies are needed….but we must stop fooling ourselves that a high standard of human health and welfare can be achieved without these energy sources…..solar and possibly geothermal…also have a place. (The Solyndra scandal has deeply wounded the solar energy field, and it will be along time before it recovers.) Safe drinking water, and clean rivers and lakes will not be possible without affordable energy.

This public relations op-ed by Mr. Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club (click here) is irresponsible. It only serves to continue the myth that wind, solar, and geothermal energy can ultimately provide all of our energy needs.

As a life member of the Sierra Club, I call on Mr. Michael Brune to resign….and for the Borad of Directors to hire another executive director….one who can think, rather than just be a drone….and one who can work constructively with others to provide afforable energy while responsibly managing and protecting our natural resources.