Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

Colton (CA) hospital serves bottled water after contamination threat

A threat of drinking water contamination at Arrowhead Medical Center was responded to immediately by hospital officials. Bottled water was served and water testing conducted…..click here….

Water resources a continuing concern for Arab League

The availability of water resources or lack thereof have shaped the history of mankind from the earliest days.  Why should we expect it to be different today? (An no, it is not the result of atmospheric CO2 or some other global warmist conspiracy theory.)

Click here for an article on the water challenges faced by Arab League countries.

Healthy teeth are possible without fluoridation of drinking water

Here is an interesting article on Hightstown, New Jersey……which stopped water fluoridation 18 months ago….but customers are just now finding out about it.

Click here…..Contrary to the claim in the article, addition of fluoride to drinking water is not a “fluoride treatment” like you would get at the dentist.  In fact, it is not necessary at all to add fluoride to drinking water in order for children to have healthy teeth if they take care of themselves.