Daily Archives: May 30, 2012

The Milwaukee (WI) political “Empire Strikes Back” on fluoride

As expected, the so called public health empire strikes back defending the addition of fluoride, saying the there is no reason to stop adding it. Click here…..their primary interest is in defending the status quo….

The assumption in the story above is that fluoride should be added unless it can be proven to be harmfull. In reality, there is no reason to add it to drinking water in the first place. Addition of fluoride has not been proven to benefit any particular citizen. Statements that fluoride in drinking water is beneficial are based on outdated epidemiology studies.

As citizens become more informed, addition of fluoride to drinking water will end.

California Recycled Water Policy proposal comments due July 3, 2012

An amendment to the California Recycled Water Policy is proposed to add monitoring requirements for constituents of emerging concern (CECs) in recycled water. Click here…..

The State Water Board is accepting comments on the proposed changes. Written comments must be received by 12:00 noon on July 3, 2012, …..click here for details…..