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Nepal: Drinking water pipes waiting to be used….for 12 years

“Drinking water pipes have been lying in limbo in the District Development Committee (DDC) Lamjung for the past 12 years.”

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World Earthquake Map, since 1898

Source: Ouramazingplanet

Tornado tracks across the US, 1950 – 2006

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) increases tree cover throughout Africa…

Steven I. Higgins and Simon Scheiter (2012). Atmospheric CO2 forces abrupt vegetation shifts locally, but not global. Nature Climate Change, DOI: 10.1038/nature11238


“Writing in the journal Nature, Steven Higgins from the Goethe University Frankfurt and Simon Scheiter from the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F) in Frankfurt suggest that fertilisation by atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is leading to major increases in tree cover throughout Africa.
Grasses and trees differ fundamentally in their response to temperature, CO2 supply and fire, and continually struggle for dominance in savannahs.
Previously, these shifts in dominance have taken place over long periods of time, but the current wave of atmospheric changes has sped up rates of change.”

“Once a critical threshold of CO2 concentration is exceeded, savannahs become less grassy and more forest-like. However, each savannah has its own critical threshold which means that each savannah will make the switch at different times. This helps reduce the risk of a simultaneous and dramatic change emanating from the savannahs.”

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China may consider new water legislation….

“Chinese national lawmakers have called for better legislation to ensure drinking water quality and for a compensation mechanism to be established for areas that close industrial facilities to reduce water pollution but lose income as a result.”

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Press Spin: Arsenic alarmism sounds again….in Maine

Arsenic, the go-to chemical to scare everyone.  Of course, private well owners must test their water and treat it to removed arsenic if found. It is a private well owners responsibility…..don’t wait for someone else (like EPA or state) to save you…..Click here….

National Research Council sea level rise report ignores science…..again?

From the tone of the report, the apparent intent of the report was to reinforce global warming alarm…..projecting rapidly rising seas…..for a more detailed critique, click here…..

Reports like this serve no real useful purpose, other than giving the authors something to do……and meet political needs to keep their funding…..the ranges projected are so large, and based on unverified models (again), that it takes great faith to believe them. And, of course, the alarm bell ringers always point to the highest (or higher) numbers….

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