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Pacific Institute reinstates Peter Gleick, pivots hard to water for cover….

Water policy in California has been the playground of the left (or statists, socialists, or whatever label is used) for many years. It gave Peter Gleick the opportunity to start the Pacific Institute in Oakland, California from where he launched his advocacy on global warming (read “climate evolution”).

Unfortunately for the Pacific Institute, its founder was caught in fraudulently obtaining documents from the Heartland Institute. In addition, there is another unresolved legal issue, whereby a forensic analysis has determined that Peter Gleick is likely the author of  the faked Heartland strategy memo disseminated to the media by Gleick (click here).

Now we read that Gleick has been reinstated at the Pacific Institute. No specific details are provided as to basis of this decision. Click here for the details……Click here for the forensic analysis….

This reinstatement is unacceptable as long as unresolved questions remain regarding whether Mr. Gleick violated the law.

As a California tax payer, I strongly object to any state funding of the Pacific Institute. Further, I storngly encourage water suppliers in the State of California to not participate in the water rates study or any other water study of the Pacific Institute until the legal clouds engulfing Mr. Gleick are resolved.



NOAA National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) manipulates the data….

As reported at Wunderground, trends analysis by the NCDC do not reflect the actual published records of such as they appeared in the Monthly Weather Reviews and Climatological Data Summaries of years past. Click here for further explanation….

This is why “national” centers that supposedly are intended to be a single national data repository is a very bad idea….especially if the center operatives have an agenda…..multiple independent “centers” are needed to maintain integrity…..

Venus travels across the sun….

Medieval warming period was a global phenomenon….

This study adds further evidence confirming that the Medieval Warm Period was indeed a global phenomenon……click here for more discussion….. 

Fletcher, M.-S., and P.I. Moreno. Vegetation, climate and fire regime changes in the Andean region of southern Chile (38S) covaried with centennial-scale climate anomalies in the tropical Pacific over the last 1500 years. Quaternary Science Reviews. 46(2012): 46-56.

Abstract: Pollen and charcoal analysis from Laguna San Pedro (38 26S, 71 19W), a small closed-basin lake located within the present-day distribution of Araucaria-Nothofagus forest in the Temperate-Mediterranean Transition zone in the Andes of Chile (35.5-39.5 S), reveal centennial-scale changes in vegetation, climate and fire regime since 1500 cal yr BP. We interpret periods of relatively low growing season (summer) moisture and increased fire activity between 1500-1300 and 1000-725 cal yr BP, the latter period is also characterised by remarkably rapid bulk sediment accumulation and we infer prolonged annual sedimentation resulting from a decrease in the duration of lake freezing under a warmer climate. Relatively moist conditions during summer and low fire activity occurred between 1300-1000 and 725-121 cal yr BP, with slow bulk sediment accumulation through the latter phase in particular implying a cool and wet climate. Our results suggest that the Medieval Climate Anomaly chronozone was relatively warm and dry, followed by a cool-wet climate during the Little Ice Age chronozone, before a substantial modification of the vegetation landscape by Europeans occurred in the mid 1800s. The timing and direction of changes in the Laguna San Pedro record bear a striking resemblance to multiple independent tropical Pacific precipitation reconstructions, areas where precipitation is governed by the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), and with the modern in fluence of ENSO over the climate in the region. We conclude that ENSO was the main driver of changes in growing season moisture in this part of the Temperate-Mediterranean Transition in south-central Chile over the last 1500 years.

Click here for the full paper (open source).


Dalit colonies (India) beg for water…..

Click here for a report on the water situation in an area of Punjab…..

Union of Concerned Scientists report cooks the numbers…..

You would think that an organization that supposedly represents scientists would go to great lengths to be accurate and transparent…..well, this report is propaganda…..click here for discussion….