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Middletown (CT) to serve homes affected by Durham Meadows Superfund Site

Middletown, Connecticut to provide clean drinking water to residents affected by contamination at the Durham Meadows Superfund Site….click here for news article….

Park Water Company (CA) nearing completion of new treatment facility

$2.5 million dollars for a state-of-the-art water quality treatment facility…..using a state grant, of course.

Congratulations to Jeanne-Marie Bruno for getting some of the funding pork for her customers….before unsustainable government free money programs begin to go away…..but what about those poor folks in the Central Valley….are they too conservative for state grant?  Just ask’in….

Canadian Senate passes Bill S-8, Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act

The Senate of  Canada passed Bill S-8. The bill now moves to  the House of Commons for consideration. The proposed  legislation, if passed, would provide a mechanism to allow the government to  develop, in partnership with First Nations, enforceable regulations to ensure  access to clean and reliable drinking water; the effective treatment of  wastewater; and the protection of sources of water on First Nation lands. Major provisions include:

  • Government commitment to work with First  Nations on the development of future federal regulations stemming from the  legislation.
  • Any regulation on source water on First Nation lands would be to protect it from contamination.
  • Regulations would not include the power to allocate water supplies or  licence users of water for any purpose other than the purpose of drinking water.
  • Only the powers necessary to effectively regulate drinking water and  wastewater systems would be conferred on any person  or body.
  • No language that could be interpreted as powers to compel First Nations into an  agreement with third parties to manage water and wastewater on First Nation  lands.
  • Third parties that own systems on First Nations lands, not First Nations,  will be held liable.
  • The legislation could apply to First Nations that are signatories to  self-government agreements at their request.
  • A non-derogation clause addressing the relationship between the legislation and Aboriginal and treaty rights under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

Click here for the Backgrounder – Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act.

Viruses in oil lines (computer viruses that is….)

The Washington Post reports that the US (with Israel) developed the Flame computer virus…..So I wonder…..how does this article help us secure our own facilities? Was this public information or another leak to hurt Israel?  Click here for the article…..

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) must be disbanded….

After reading this update on recent decisions made by the IPCC (at The Reference Frame)…..I see no legitimate scientific role or basis for the work of the IPCC……their “science” will not even begin to meet a minimum standard for soundness and credibility…..click here…..

“God Bless the USA”

New York school principal refuses to let kids sing the song “God Bless the USA.” Click here for news article…..

Adult Democrats protest and shout at kids when they sing “God Bless the USA” on the school playground.  Click here for news article….or watch for yourself:

Fluoride induces oxidative stress, ATP depletion

Agalakova, NI and Gusev, GP. Fluoride induces oxidative stress and ATP depletion in the rat erythrocytes in vitro. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol. 2012 May 29;34(2):334-337.

The present study was designed to examine an ability of inorganic fluoride (F) to induce oxidative stress and energy depletion in the rat erythrocytes in vitro. Accumulation of ROS and alterations in glutathione (GSH) and ATP contents were estimated in the cells incubated with 0.1-10mM NaF for 1, 5 and 24h. Exposure of the rat erythrocytes to NaF was accompanied by progressive accumulation of peroxides, while superoxide (O(2)(-)) production was insignificant. Intracellular GSH content was reduced following 5-h incubation, but considerably elevated after 24h, although GSH/GSSG ratio decreased in both cases. ATP concentration in the NaF-treated cell exhibited a dose- and time-dependent decline, diminishing to extremely low levels within 24h. Thus, exposure of the rat erythrocytes to NaF leads to impairment of the cellular antioxidant system and severe energy depletion, the latter probably being the primary toxic effect.