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Wyoming requests comment period extension on DOI fracking rule proposal

The Wyoming governor has asked the Interior Department for more time to study  its proposed rules for the use of hydraulic fracturing on federal land. This request for an extension joins separate  requests sent by a state industry group, county commissioners and a key committee of state legislators.

Governor Mead has questioned the need for  the rule due to its similarities with Wyoming’s first-in-the-nation rules for fracking in effect since 2010.

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Designer bacteria detects human illness….by coloring poop

The new E. Chromi (not a joke) probiotic drink is a color-coded designer bacteria made from E. coli and works by interacting with the food in your stomach that turns your stools into a variety of hues depending on your ailment and how sick you are.

A very novel idea, if it is reliable….click here for article….

San Clemente Dam (CA) to be removed

The California American Water Company added a $2.55 monthly surcharge to most customers’ water bills to finance the removal of the San Clemete dam, which has silted up and poses a seismic safety hazard.

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Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) data corrupted

One of the surprising aspects of so called climate “science” is the continual revision of historical data…..apparently for reasons not provided. This practice would not be tolerated in any field of science and engineering that I am familiar with. 

Just imagine, for no apparent reason obeserved data is changed…and low and behold…any thing could be “proven”. This is a farce….

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USEPA = “Climate of Fear”

From the Daily Caller (click here):

“That’s the way this administration, this management team, has been running  things over at the agency,” the former official told TheDC. “Lisa Jackson has a  coterie of people around her who are very arrogant, and think they know how the  place should be run and do not include very many other folks in the process, and  just seem to kind of run roughshod over everybody. And so when folks heard this,  yeah that’s just in keeping with how Lisa Jackson has been running EPA since she  came on board.”