Daily Archives: June 24, 2012

Politics: Colorado Democrats highlight race, not issues

Having walked the inner city of Denver many times with  those who help the poor everyday, it saddens me to see how the poor of Denver have been hurt by Democrat politics. Having killed the Rocky Mountain News, the Denver Post is the newspaper happy face of the Democrats (same owner as the LA Times, or LA Slimes as some people call it)….

In this article, (click here) the Democrat politicians are just having a grand ole time….more parties, lots of laughter…..they don’t have to worry about food and shelter like the poor in the city…..Congresswoman Maxine Waters from California is there to encourage the faithfull and make race an issue….but she is under investigation for ethics violations….

Rather than discuss policy substance…..the Democrats divert attention away from their failing policies to pick a fight with the “tea party.”  The people of Denver and Colorado need to wake-up and see just how badly they have been taken advantage of by the Democrat party…..false promises, false hope….