Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Press Spin: More government needed for water, wastewater infrastructure

Big government advocates (environmental groups, statists, etc) can be counted on each appropriation cycle to point out all of the $$ problems with water and wastewater infrastructure. This to argue for more government in the form of CWA and SDWA revolving loan programs. This article is typical (click here).

To the degree that these programs give away free money, and must be funded by the federal government, they are unsustainable programs. No one disputes the need….however, government programs like these are unsustainable.

Abound Solar (Colorado) to declare bankruptcy

Abound Solar, Loveland, CO borrowed about $70 million against a $400 million government guarantee. It plans to file for bankruptcy protection in Colorado next week.  Click here….

Fluorides and sealants effective for fissure caries prevention

Liu BY, Lo EC, Chu CH, Lin HC. Randomized Trial on Fluorides and Sealants for Fissure Caries Prevention. J Dent Res. 2012 Jun 26.

To investigate the effectiveness of topical fluorides in preventing fissure caries, we conducted a randomized controlled trial with parallel groups. In total, 501 children (1,539 molars, 3,078 sites), mean age 9.1 years, who had at least one sound permanent first molar with deep fissures or fissures with signs of early caries were recruited. They were randomly allocated among four groups: (1) resin sealant, single placement; (2) 5% NaF varnish, semi-annual application; (3) 38% silver diamine fluoride (SDF) solution, annual application; and (4) placebo control. Follow-up examinations were conducted every 6 months by a masked examiner. After 24 months, 485 children (97%) were examined. Proportions of pit/fissure sites with dentin caries in the sealant, NaF, SDF, and control groups were 1.6%, 2.4%, 2.2%, and 4.6%, respectively. A multi-level logistic regression analysis accounting for the effects of data clustering and confounding factors showed that fissures in any of the three treatment groups had significantly lower risks of carious cavity development into dentin than did controls (p < 0.05). We concluded that placement of resin sealant, semi-annual application of NaF varnish, and annual application of SDF solution are all effective in preventing pit and fissure caries in permanent molars (ClinicalTrials.gov number CT01446107).

Click here for the full paper (fee).