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Was the Penn State investigation of Dr. Mann a “cover-up”?

The following article provides insight on the above question:

The Climategate and Jerry Sandusky Scandals: A Common Thread


“The great achievements of civilization didn’t come from government bureaus”

San Francisco: Fish first, forget people

San Francisco, California paper whines about the Governor Brown’s plan for the Bay-Delta water tunnels. Of course, it’s fish first for them……forget about people.

“Water planners” here in California are activists……tyically following the ideas (ideology) of the Pacific Institute (Oakland)…..

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USEPA now to police Brazil?

The contractor shall continue the Literature Search to survey peer-reviewed literature to identify existing and relevant environmental justice issues impacting relevant communities in Brazil and complete the literature search.

Title: R–Brazil Environmental Justice Workshop and Pilot Project      Sol. #: RFQ-DC-12-00064

Agency:  Environmental Protection Agency         Office:                    Office of Acquisition Management         Location:                  EPA/Headquarters         Posted On:                 Jul 27, 2012 2:50 pm         Base Type:                 Presolicitation         Link:            

Janet Napolitano: Terrorists enter US from Mexico

Well here is an interesting article, sure to help water and wastewater utility security…..right? Click here….

Seattle Public Utilities delivers rusty water…temporarily

“A discoloration of the water in the area was caused by crews doing some maintenance work on a major pipeline that supplies drinking water.”

“”The color is from the rust inside the pipe,” says Elaine Yeung with Seattle Public Utilities.”

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Tulsa (OK) moves ahead with chloramine disinfection….

Not everyone believes that using chloramines is so bad. Click here for the news article….