Daily Archives: July 12, 2012

Dallas (TX) water to spend $4 million to replace rusty pipes….

“Dallas municipal water system is working on a $4 million solution to for its 80-100-year-old water system. The discolored water comes from mineral deposits in the old rusty pipes.”

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Wisconsin Supreme Court: Town can’t set tougher water standards than the state

“MILWAUKEE – The Wisconsin Supreme Court dealt a blow to environmentalists concerned about water pollution from huge livestock farms Wednesday, when it said communities couldn’t set stricter standards than the state.”

“The ruling was believed to be the first decision by a state Supreme Court in about a half-dozen cases pitting neighbours and small farmers throughout the Midwest against so-called factory farms, which can have hundreds or even thousands of animals. Similar cases have been filed in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and Oklahoma, and the decision was closely watched.”

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Bell Buckle (TN) residents file lawsuit over dirty drinking water…

After submission of a petition did not address the problem (click here), residents of Bell Buckle, Tennessee have filed a lawsuit against the town for poor quality drinking water (click here).

Scituate (MA) tackles red water problem…

Red water caused by oxidized iron tints water, causes a “pondy” taste some customers will notice…..click here for how Scituate, Massachusetts is trying to deal with the problem…..

Uranium found in Punjab (India) drinking water…

Water samples taken from several districts in Punjab and tested by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) have found uranium between 6 to 600 parts per billion (ppb).  The permissible limit is 60 ppb.

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Battelle report critiques USEPA’s hydraulic fracturing study…

A Battelle study has made several recommendations regarding USEPA hydraulic fracturing.   Click here or image below for the full study.


Santa Fe (NM) to stop adding fluoride to drinking water…

“The City Council late Wednesday amended the city code to stop fluoridation and require water managers to monitor naturally occurring fluoride so it doesn’t exceed the maximum level recommended by federal standards.”

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