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West Virginia American Water issues boil water notice….

“West Virginia American Water has issued a precautionary boil water advisory for approximately 200 customers in the West Washington Street and Big Tyler Road areas outside of Charleston.”

“The advisory follows a water main break, which was caused by water hammer due to firefighting activities in the area.”

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Climate activist repeats old mantras….falsehoods….

Normally commenting on a opinion article is not a good use of time. But in this case it is a teachig opportunity, as this activist simply repeats the same old mantras and falsehoods that have been used to justify more regulations as a result of “climate change.” Click here….

First, the title. “Climate science still trumps skeptics.” This claim makes several assumptions that are simply false. Here are my thoughts….

  • First, it assumes that there is such a thing as “climate science” as a single unified entity with a singular conclusion. This is false. In fact, there are many types of scientists that study climate, as well as non scientists. These scientists do not all agree, so to make such a broad statement is meaningless, unless the reader happens to be brain-dead.
  • Second, it assumes that something answers to the name of “science”. Also assumed is that the something called “science” provides us a coherent, unified picture of how the climate changes so that such a conclusion can be made at all. Both of these assumptions are false. Nothing answers to the name of science….we only have methods of science, and scientists….And they certainly do not even begin to provide us a unified picture of how climate works….

Also problematic are the following:

  • The term “mainstream climate science” is meaningless. Terms must be defined. But because people in general do not think very critically, such terms can be used to give the appearance that the statement is authoritative, when in fact it is gobbledygook. Unfortunately, logical fallacies such as this are believed by unsuspecting readers.
  • The activists response “The East Anglia researchers didn’t cook the books.” is false. The evidence is there for all to see, in context. Spend some time investigating this yourself if you are unsure.
  • Studies have consistently shown no increase in the extreme weather events mentioned. To suggest something “could be true” is sophistry…..anything could be true…..In fact, we cannot say that there are no studies that refute global warming, becuase we cannot prove such a negative statement.
  • Referring to smoking is a red herring….it is irrelevant. It is a form of abusive ad hominum to silence critics…
  • The activist refers to and defends the IPCC reports. The 2007 reports have now been discredited in so many ways, that one has to be blind not to see this. They do not represent science, and this has been admitted to by the IPCC itself.
  • To deflect the criticism of “nonfalsifiability”, the activist refers to “indicators.” Indicators do not interpret themselves, but require an interpreter. At the end of the day, activits interpret the evidence to support their preconcieved desires or conclusions. We all have the same evidence to work with, and because views differ so widely, the “proof’ is not in the evidence….something else is going on here.
  • Computer science and the physical science of climate are not the same. Lots of neat things have been done using computer models, but this in no way can be considered science of climate until the climate models accurately represent the underlying physics of the climate system and can be validated.
  • Selective evidence is used to point to indicators of climate change….but contrary evidence is ignored. This is not sound scientific practice. In any case, climate is always changing, so there will always be indicators to point to. So what?
  • These people make money, it seems, whatever the amount. I make nothing from my blog…..you be the judge about the significance of this difference….

Santo Niño (Phillipines) receives assistance for safe water supply

THE town mayor of Santo Niño in Samar province has expressed her gratitude to the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG), saying that finally her town would enjoy a better and potable drinking water.”

“Mayor Lita Coñejos said the P7-million financial assistance received recently from the DILG, four of the 13 barangays of Santo Niño could now have safe drinking water.”

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Okmulgee (OK) fights brown water problem…

“Okmulgee residents are complaining about their water, it’s brown.  The city said it is safe to drink but people are unsatisfied. ”  Click here for news article…..