Daily Archives: August 6, 2012

Heavy rains help alleviate India drought

District administrations in Bijapur, Haveri, Gadag, Gulbarga and other drought hit districts have made arrangements to supply drinking water through tankers in villages…..click here for news article…

Press Spin: Orlando Sentinel pitches fluoride propaganda from California….

Not to be outdone by other fluoride advocates, the Orlando Sentinel has pitched a pro-fluoride editiorial….which reads like a propaganda pitch…written by the Sacramento Bee.

The paper argues that low fluoride levels should be added to give the entire population an unnecessay chemical exposure. The paper assumes that the ecologic epidemiology studies of past decades are relevant today…they are not. A low concentration in drinking water does not necessarily equate to low exposure….

The editorial ridicules  anyone who opposes fluoride addition by raising a red herring (communist plot). The government agencies and their supporters with a vested interest in adding fluoride support it – their jobs depend on it….But the vast majority of customers, if not all customers, drinking fluoridated water will have no benefit whatsoever….And as usual, any harmfull effects that will be experienced are air-brushed out of the picture. This is simply irresponsible…..

Unfortunately, the poor living in large cities have been lead to believe (brainwashed?) that it is the fluoride added to their drinking water that is so essential to their dental health. So it seems some people now believe fluoride addition is a “right” like national health care. By advocating fluroide, is the dental health community avoiding dealing realistically with the dental health needs in poor neighborhoods? Sure looks like it….

Click here for the editorial….