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Atlanta (GA) tackles brown drinking water…

Would you drink the glass on the right?

Source: cbsatlanta.com

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No increased drought in US tied to temperature

James Hansen paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is not peer-reviewed (here we go again….)….His conclusions have been found to be simply incorrect. Click here for starters…..more to follow.

Water main breaks plague eastern Iowa systems…..

Expect to see more of these types of articles and actions by industry lobbying groups to keep the need for infrastructure funding in the public eye. Yes, the need is there, and there will be always more funding needs than funding will allow.

But political lobbying groups, especially unionized heavy construction industries like water and wastewater utilities, use this need to argue for more government funding….or socialized water service….

Yes, the pipes must be replaced. Water rates may have to increase to do this. But there is simply too much pork potential there for political groups to let go trying to extract funding from a bankrupt government…..even in California.

For many years the AWWA argued that all water systems had to meet the same standards large or small (meaning everyone in the country had to have the same water quality…..like everyone having the same food to eat) and that only central water treatment and distribution is acceptable (which in pratice means central control by EPA)……Does anyone see a difficulty with this approach?

Chloramines blamed for copper pipe leaks in California

A condominium association served by Moulton  Niguel Water District has sued the District over copper pipe leaks  that owners believe are caused by corrosive water and that have  led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. Water is supplied to the district by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California which has been using chloramines since 1984.

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