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University of Cincinnati (Ohio) loses free speech lawsuit…

The University of Cincinnati (UC) confined student speech to a tiny “Free  Speech Area” that covered only 0.1% of the school’s 137-acre campus. UC was serious about enforcing this policy. The  school threatened that any UC students who dared to express themselves  outside of that spot would face trespassing charges and criminal prosecution.

This policy has been ruled unconstitutional. Click here for more.

Vendor News: SETi to develop UV LED system for disinfection, monitoring

From ThomasNet.com

“Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) today announced that it has been awarded a program from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop a self-contained portable water purification  system incorporating UV LED technology for water quality monitoring and disinfection.”

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Possible class action lawsuit against Pratt, South Carolina

“Lawyers for the Sutter Law Firm in Charleston sent Pratt officials letters last month informing them that they may be the target of a class-action lawsuit over the town’s drinking water. Lawyers asked for information about water quality violations and the results of water tests of the town water supply, and asked for information about Pratt’s insurance carrier.”

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Central Valley farmers wary of new water quality rules….and rightly so.

It is not surprising that the regulated community (in this case the farmers) are wary of the regulations being set by a regulatory group (in this case the Central Valley Regional Quality Control Board).

The University of California at Davis study was done at a high level (big picture) and was not specific enough to determine the effectiveness of any particular regulatory requirement. Yet it is being used to justify lots of new rules as we have come to expect from the Gov. Brown administration.

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Vendor News: US Navy contracts with Pall Corporation for desalination systems

From libn.com

“The U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research has hired Port Washington-based Pall Corp. to develop systems to remove salt from ocean water in order to provide thousands of gallons of drinking water onboard ships.”

“Pall said it received a contract to develop an advanced shipboard desalination system specifically for coastal waters that could “increase the volume and reliability of fresh water generation, while reducing energy and maintenance requirements.””

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United Nations wants global water management…

The United Nations is pushing for global water management…..Just another push for global control…..I hope this never occurs. Click here for more….

Contaminated water suspected in Dominican Republic cholera cases…

“Suspected cases of cholera continue to increase at hospitals in the northern Dominican province of Santiago, where at least 550 people have been treated in the past nine days for acute diarrhea.”

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