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Locals react to new Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CA) rules…

In California, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (like other government entities here) operates like its own politbureau….and elite group typically informed by like-minded academics…..who then in turn set rules everyone else has to meet. It’s only when the citizenry say something, which is often when it is too late, that such regulatory bodies begin to consider the way the world really is, rather than the utopian world they want it to be. 

“Kern County farmers headed to Tulare Tuesday in droves to discuss new water regulations that could cost them millions. It’s a plan laid out by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board to regulate irrigation pollution. Crowds spilled out the door for the area’s first public meeting about the plan.”

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Clean Water Portland (OR) proposes fluoride ban….

A citizen’s group Clean Water Portland has proposed language to ban addition of “any  chemical or other substance to the City’s drinking water that is  a by-product of any industrial or manufacturing process, or that  could cause the City’s drinking water to exceed the United States  Environmental Protection Agency’s Maximum Contaminant Level  Goals.”

The wording is a little cumbersome, but sufficient to address the addition of fluoride or other substances. Federal law prohibits USEPA from requiring addition of substances like fluoride.

Addition of fluoride is about state and local politics, and generally democrat politics, since they are the party of big government and government control.

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LEED program a front for extreme environmentalist agenda….

There are many well-intentioned people involved in environmental and/or energy conservation…..but the idea of something being “green” or “sustainable” is simply double-speak, unless the terms are cearly defined. In most cases, the terms have been used as political mantras to further particular extreme ideologies…..and those with good intentions are pulled along for the ride (over the cliff)…

“Fringe environmentalists are dictating to the federal government and 34 states what materials can be included in the construction government buildings. And it should come as no surprise that ideology, not science, informed the movement.”

“The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program bans products that are safe – even products that are proven to enhance energy efficiency and water conservation – in order to accomplish extreme political goals.”

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Solar water disinfection (SODIS) effectiveness

Kevin G. McGuigan, Ronán M. Conroy, Hans-Joachim Mosler, Martella du Preez, Eunice Ubomba-Jaswa, Pilar Fernandez-Ibañez. Solar water disinfection (SODIS): A review from bench-top to roof-top. Journal of Hazardous Materials. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jhazmat.2012.07.053

Solar water disinfection (SODIS) has been known for more than 30 years. The technique consists of placing water into transparent plastic or glass containers (normally 2 L PET beverage bottles) which are then exposed to the sun. Exposure times vary from 6 to 48 h depending on the intensity of sunlight and sensitivity of the pathogens. Its germicidal effect is based on the combined effect of thermal heating of solar light and UV radiation. It has been repeatedly shown to be effective for eliminating microbial pathogens and reduce diarrhoeal morbidity including cholera. Since 1980 much research has been carried out to investigate the mechanisms of solar radiation induced cell death in water and possible enhancement technologies to make it faster and safer. Since SODIS is simple to use and inexpensive, the method has spread throughout the developing world and is in daily use in more than 50 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. More than 5 million people disinfect their drinking water with the solar disinfection (SODIS) technique. This review attempts to revise all relevant knowledge about solar disinfection from microbiological issues, laboratory research, solar testing, up to and including real application studies, limitations, factors influencing adoption of the technique and health impact.

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National Water Research Institute (NWRI) issues new UV Disinfection Guidelines

From the NWRI webpage:

Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidelines, Third Edition (2012)

The  purpose of the Ultraviolet  Disinfection Guidelines for Drinking Water and Water Reuse is to provide regulatory agencies and water and wastewater utilities with a common basis for evaluating and implementing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, which is a water treatment technology that can inactivate many waterborne pathogens.

The Third Edition of the UV Guidelines was published in August 2012.

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Impact of fluoride on mental health cannot be ignored

The pro-fluoride government lobby will respond to articles such as this that the findings are not proven, and therefore adding fluoride to drinking water is fine. However, this assumes that the “fluoride is safe until proven harmful” is the default position.

But why should this be? Despite the fact that the “dose makes the poison”, in the case of every other environmental toxicant, the precaution is taken that there are likely harmful effects based on the observed effects in toxicological studies, many of which have been done for fluoride. Despite the government double-talk that fluoride is addition to drinking water is safe, it has never been proven so.

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Arizona tribal water rights bill all but “dead”

In my prior post on this bill (click here), I wondered why a tribe would give up all future water rights for this bill to pass. That did not seem plausible to me, and I guess the tribe also realized that it was not a good deal for them…. 

“A bill that would have allocated $350 million for three drinking-water projects on the Hopi and Navajo reservations is nearly dead, according to sources on both sides of the proposal.”

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