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Los Angeles, California surface temperature, 1849-2011

Using the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) data here, the following plot was created. It represents local climate change for lattitude 34.56 N, longitude 118.70 W, with nearby cities of Los Angeles, Glendale, Oxnard, Santa Clarita, Pomona, and Torrance. The plot shows the mean monthly surface temperature, the 95% upper confidence levels for the daily high temperature, and the 95% lower confidence levels for the daily low temperature. Compare the plot below with that proivided here based on the same underlying data.

If you have difficulty seeing the hockey stick, then keep looking.

States owe $4 trillion in debt…

State Budget Solution’s study finds states going in to deeper debt. (Click here for the study.)

For a summary article by the Examiner click here.

Source: The Examiner.com

USEPA issues white paper on developing an MCLG for perchlorate

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has prepared this white paper, “Life Stage Considerations and Interpretation of Recent Epidemiological Evidence to Develop a Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for Perchlorate” that presents scientific information published since the National Research Council (NRC) released their 2005 Report “Health Implications of Perchlorate Ingestion” and explains how EPA derived a range of Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) values for life stages of concern. The purpose of this white paper is to seek guidance from the Science Advisory Board (SAB) on how best to consider and interpret the life stage information, the epidemiologic and biomonitoring data since the NRC Report, physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) analyses, and the totality of perchlorate health information to derive an MCLG for perchlorate.”

Click here for the full white paper (free).