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California Surface Temperatures, 1834-2011

Using the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) data here, the following plot was created. It represents regional climate change for the State of California. The plot shows the mean monthly surface temperature, the mean daily maximum surface temperature, and the mean daily minimum surface temperture. Compare the plot below with that provided here based on the same underlying data.

California regulators pride themselves on having implemented cap and trade regulations in the state to lower green house gas emissions (click here). But does the science support the need for this action? More work needs to be done examining the BEST data, but this first cut suggests that those attempting to justify burdensome CO2 emission regulations based on the historical temperature record below have likely been smoking too much medical marijuana……having hallucinations of hockey sticks in every graph they see. The historical record suggests a very broad yet defined band of highly variable temperatures, while CO2 has increased. Compare the surface temperature trends below with the atmospheric CO2 levels over roughly the same period, also shown below.

Sierra Leone tackles cholera outbreak…

“Dr. Konteh re-echoed government policy relating to cholera and said, “Cholera treatment is FREE in all government health facilities and cholera treatment centers (e.g. Macauley Street, Connaught Hospital, Wellington, 34 Military Hospital, Newton and Mabela) in Freetown, the capital and other Hospitals through- out the Country.” click here for the full article….

Rainfall in Chennai (India) brings some relief…

“Heavy rainfall in the catchment area of the Poondi reservoir over the past three days has brought in a good inflow into the water body, which is a storage point for the city’s drinking water supply. This has come in handy at a time when it is drying up.” Click here for news article…

Air Force committed to addressing Kirtland Air Force Base contamination…

Aviation gas and jet propellant have sunk into the aquifer at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. The plume is slowly moving toward wells that help supply Albuquerque’s drinking water. Click here for more….

Fluoride and environmental health: a review

Hamas uses water as political tool to blame Israel, hurt people

The problems of water and sanitation in Gaza are not new. Consistently, the terrorist group Hamas who rules the area lets the people suffer so that it can blame Israel for all its problems.  It is public relations battle for Hamas and the United Nations against Israel, with the people caught in the middle.

For an example, click here…..