The “fluoride empire” speaks, others sound alarm

Nonprofit groups periodically issue statements in support of fluoridation of drinking water. Looking behind the screen, these groups are typically associated with health-related government agencies and/or industries that directly benefit from government health agencies, such as CDC. Here is a typical example (click here) of a propagandic-like statement. In the collective minds of this group, it is an issue of trust, where citizens should just trust them to make decisions like this for them. Of course, this group is not neutral on the matter, nor are they neutral in their assessment. Potential harmful effects are air brushed out of the picture. Using their perceived stature, the statement is written to make anyone opposing their view look like a fool.

But there are still voices sounding the alarm and raising concerns over water fluoridation. For example click here.  No doubt about it….water fluoridation is the sacred cow of the CDC…It is no longer needed for dental health. I would definitely vote to stop adding it….but we will continue to see it added until the sacred cow is killed….

Interestingly…opposition to adding fluoride to drinking water is bipartisan and crosses the entire political spectrum…..

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