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Los Angeles, CA soon to be under water due to sea level rise…

The mean sea level trend is 0.83 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence
interval of +/- 0.27 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from
1923 to 2006 which is equivalent to a change of 0.27 feet in 100 years.

Source: NOAA Sea Levels Online

Colorado Surface Temperatures, 1775-2011

Using the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) data here, the following plot was created. It represents regional climate change for the State of Colorado. The plot shows the mean monthly surface temperature, the mean daily maximum surface temperature, and the mean daily minimum surface temperture. Compare the plot below with that provided here based on the same underlying data.

Colorado is home to a large community of climate modellers (The Boulderians). How do the results of climate models relate to the BEST actual surface temperature data shown here? That is certainly one question that needs a serious answer from the modellers….not just hand-waving. More work is needed to examine the BEST data and algorithms, but this first cut suggests that the people sounding alarms over an impending climate catastrophe are in a world of their own. The historical record suggests a very broad yet defined band of highly variable temperatures. This might be more apparent if the actual data is plotted rather than mean values. We’ll work on presenting that in the future, as it will take some time to dig through the BEST data set. The data for the graph below (and the others I have posted) are the means calculated by BEST.

In Portland (OR) “Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth”…and a new car!

Justification of adding fluoride to drinking water is based on epidemiology studies that are out dated…..some of the earliest studies do not even meet current-day standards for ethics. But these studies are not definitive. It is not possible to know who exactly will benefit from fluoride, who will not, and who will be harmed. As a result, fluoride addition must be sold using broad sweeping statements like “Every one deserves to breathe.”

The supporters of fluoride in Portland, Oregon, call themselves the “Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth” coalition. (click here) Unfortunately, adding fluoride will not achieve this goal…..in fact, some teeth will be harmed by fluorosis if Portland adds fluoride to increase overall exposure. So perhaps they need to rename their group, “Every kid needs a chance to have spotted teeeth.)

Dentists also oppose fluoridation (for example, click here, click here, click here). It’s those connected in some way with the fluoride empire who support it.

Will Phoenix (AZ) kill the sacred cow…..fluoride?

One woman has the courage to challenge the fluoride empire (CDC and others)in Phoenix (click here). The news article, of course, presents the typical spin. Given the information available today, the article is a misrepresentation.  But it presents the typical government line.

Addition of fluoride will become an endangered specie, but it will take time as many dentists, others in the public health field, and public officials have not taken the time to educate themselves, and simply accept what they have been told.

Fluoride was initiated in the US as part of New Deal programs to expand government…its supporters promote the “government should take care of you and dictate what is done” mentality.

Portland Commissioner rides the sacred cow….fluoride

Portland, Oregon water has always had a special relationship with politics and water…..Many years ago a former Portland Water administrator, Ed Tenney, looked me in the eye and said in so many words it’s all about Democrat politics.

Commissioner Randy Leonard is pushing fluoride addition in advance of a public vote…..It’s Democrat politics…..common sense seems to be missing.

Perhaps the good citizens of Portland will vote differently than their political leaders…it should be up to them…..click here for news article….