In Portland (OR) “Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth”…and a new car!

Justification of adding fluoride to drinking water is based on epidemiology studies that are out dated…..some of the earliest studies do not even meet current-day standards for ethics. But these studies are not definitive. It is not possible to know who exactly will benefit from fluoride, who will not, and who will be harmed. As a result, fluoride addition must be sold using broad sweeping statements like “Every one deserves to breathe.”

The supporters of fluoride in Portland, Oregon, call themselves the “Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth” coalition. (click here) Unfortunately, adding fluoride will not achieve this goal… fact, some teeth will be harmed by fluorosis if Portland adds fluoride to increase overall exposure. So perhaps they need to rename their group, “Every kid needs a chance to have spotted teeeth.)

Dentists also oppose fluoridation (for example, click here, click here, click here). It’s those connected in some way with the fluoride empire who support it.

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