Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Girl catches bubonic plague in Colorado

Camping near Pagosa Springs….click here for news article….

Santa Fe (NM) now wavering on stopping fluoride addition….

The pro-fluoride empire is extensive…..once a government program is in place it is virtually impossible to stop…..and be not deceived….profluoride agencies, consultants, and groups work behind the political scene to promote and keep fluoride in….click here….

Dutch analysis concludes wind energy a “money pit”

Wind energy was found to reduce emissions and fossil fuel use by a maximum of only 1.6%  compared to directly generating energy from fossil fuels. Large wind installations often waste power because the electricity grid cannot always absorb the intermittent supply. This results in more fossil fuel consumption than directly generating power from fossil fuels.

The study concludes:

“wind developments are a money pit with virtually no merit in terms of the intended goal of CO2 emission reduction or fossil fuel saving.”

Click here for the full study.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) earns a lawsuit

NOAA’s refusal to release emails in response to a Freedom of Information Request has resulted in a lawsuit against the agency. Click here for the details at Wattsupwiththat.