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Concerns about fluoride in Portland (OR) tap water are valid…

A public relations war is underway over the hearts and minds of people in Portland on fluoride. I have no vested interest in the outcome….an objective observer….and well aquainted with Democrat politics.

This article reviews arguments against adding fluoride.  click here  A dentist’s response is quoted:

“That is a line of  thinking that is out of line, in my view,” says Eli Schwarz, director of community dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University, “when  you say that the government actually wants to poison its own  population.”

As mentioned before on this blog, the dental community has been programmed to believe that fluoride is good, and any health concerns are airbrushed out of the picture.  Just because a dentist like Dr. Schwarz has good intentions, does not mean that he or government is informed, or should dictate it be added. In fact, dentists are trained to discount fluoride concerns outright without thinking about it…..such a prejudice is hard to overcome….




Global water needs elevated to “critical condition”

News reports covering global water shortages like this one (click here) acknowledge the critical need for water in virtually in any country.

A sustainable water supply also requires affordable energy, as well as a local economy….yet some policies of the UN and some countries are self defeating….the need for drinking water will not go away….and in the past, the lack of water has resulted in people migrations….

Attempting to meet global water needs with expensive western technology are most likely to fail. Starting simple…as was done during the 19th and 20th century in the United States. Countries need to focus on developing solutions that are affordable and sustainable for their area of the world and locality, not on importing technology that will be stolen or not maintained or becoming dependent upon other countries.

Affordable electricity goes hand-in-hand with water availability, even in Asia

Activist groups like Greenpeace continually try to attack certain energy sources (such as coal) by pointing to the water needs of power plants built in or planned in water short areas. This article points to potential problems in Asia….click here….

Yes, the water needs differ between energy options (coal, gas, solar, etc).  But economics and especially economy of scale are also very important. Water and power go together….affordable water is not possible without affordable electricity….


Rajasthan High Court orders drinking water testing in Jaipur (India)

State government was ordered to test samples of drinking water…..click here….