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Press Spin: NPR uses the same fluoride storyline from the 1950s

The more things change the more things stay the same. This coverage of the Portland fluoride situation (click here) starts off by listing all of the organizations that supposedly support it. This is exactly what was done in the 1950s to sell fluoridation. This has nothing to do with science….just politics.

(Abel Wolman was correct when he opposed fluoridation…..)

USEPA spent $62 Million on grants to foreign countries 2009-2011

Hard questions being asked on captial hill about $62 million given out in foriegn grants to other countries by USEPA from 2009 to 2011……click here….

Are water fluoridation promoters neurotics?

No comment on this article….

Sutton, P.R.N. Are most fluoridation promoters neurotics? Medical Hypotheses, Volume 39, Issue 3, November 1992, Pages 199–200. http://dx.doi.org.libproxy.calbaptist.edu/10.1016/0306-9877(92)

Observations of the behavior of a large number of fluoridation promoters over a period of more than 30 years has led to the conclusion that most of them are neurotics.

Fluoride an unconfirmed hypothesis……still

Disputes over fluoride are not new. They will continue, and it will be eventually discontinued, or people will move to treat their own water in the home.

Sutton, P.R.N. Fluoridation: A fifty-year-old accepted but unconfirmed hypothesis. Medical Hypotheses, Volume 27, Issue 2,  October 1988, Pages 153–156. http://dx.doi.org.libproxy.calbaptist.edu/10.1016/0306-9877(88)

The fifty-year-old fluoridation hypothesis has not been confirmed. Despite this, millions of people are still medicated with fluoride by government decree, on the assumption that this process has been proved to be entirely safe, and very efficacious in reducing dental caries. In fact, the scientific basis of fluoridation is very unsatisfactory. It is promoted, in the main, by emotion-based ‘endorsements’ rather than by scientifically-acceptable evidence.

Panshet (India) dam 100% full….

Pune (India) water supply replenished….click here.

Portland (OR) vote reveals how pro-fluoride liberal mob works….

The outcome of the Portland (OR) vote is not a surprise. click here. The idea that “science” is on the side of fluoridation is silly…..very much like the idea that science is on the side of catestrophic global warming. This is simply not true.

Democrat politicians (and supporters) use drinking water as a wedge to push the liberal/progressive big government agenda……a liberal mob…..to shut down others who disagree.  Fluoride in Portland is a classic example…..will the citizens of Portland spit out fluoride addition? I would….We’ve learned alot about the health effects of fluoride in 50 years….adding it to drinking water defeats our purpose of public health.