Daily Archives: September 17, 2012

Fluoride now topic in Ormond, Florida

It’s just a matter of time before fluoride is voted out altogether across the country. Now the discussion goes to Florida again. In 1957 voters in Ormond decided narrowly to add fluoride. The paper reported the following, according to this article (click here):

¬†“After the pro-fluoridation vote, The News-Journal praised Ormond voters in an editorial saying people had “been deprived of this important dental protection, largely because of superstitious fears cultivated and exploited by a small group of pathetically deluded would-be guardians of public health.”¬†“

This is complete press¬†propaganda then, and now….We’ve learned a lot about fluoride since 1957. The only people pathetically deluded are those who still believe the out dated epidemiology studies are still relevant today….The push to keep fluoride in is just politics, not health…