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There never was an “Arab Spring”

“The first fundamental truth about the “Arab Spring” is that there never was one. The salient fact of the Middle East, the only one, is Islam. The Islam that shapes the Middle East inculcates in Muslims the self-perception that they are members of a civilization implacably hostile to the West. The United States is a competitor to be overcome, not the herald of a culture to be embraced.”

Sea level rise to cover Boston, Massachusetts

The mean sea level trend is 2.63 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence
interval of +/- 0.18 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from
1921 to 2006 which is equivalent to a change of 0.86 feet in 100 years.

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) attacked for allowing balance on ‘global warming’

The global warming special by PBS is getting alot of press…..not because of what was omitted…..but for what was allowed…..A well-known authority Anthony Watts was allowed to talk….This just demonstrates how the global warming liberal mob works….click here for article…….

Rotary Club to provide home RO treatment units to Monson (CA)

“Like many small towns in Tulare County, Monson has hit a wall with the state over getting clean water to drink, but there is good news for the 200 residents in the impoverished community.”

“Local Rotary Clubs are paying for extensive water filters in each home — a service the organizations usually provide for Third World communities coping with squalid conditions. Members decided it was time to help Monson.”

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Channai (India) reservoir levels sufficient until end of year…

“Considerable rains over the catchment areas of the four reservoirs in Red Hills, Poondi, Cholavaram and Chembarampakkam since August have been a saving grace in the water bodies and thus, the total storage at the four reservoirs has remained around 3,605 million cubic feet (mcft). This year, the storage at all the reservoirs is only 32.6 per cent of the total capacity as opposed to last year’s 73 per cent.”

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Dont’ try this…..the hazards of water bottles….

8-year-old girl gets tongue stuck in water bottle….click here….

Ormond Beach (FL) votes to keep fluoride

It’s just a matter of time before this changes…..But addition of fluoride has become part of the cultural mantra in the liberal mob…..and there’s enough money in it for corporatists to support it as well…..so it’s a steep uphill climb for now….click here for Ormand Beach outcome….