Press Spin: Fluoride public relations effort continues in Florida

Here is a typical press editorial intended to silence a citizen concerned about fluoride. The fluoride empire will hold on to invalid claims as long as possible… here for the latest…..

I recently asked a group of college senior engineering students if they could think of confounding factors that might call into question the results of fluoride epidemiology studies…..they had no trouble doing so. To those who think, rather than just parrot the message of the liberal mob, it soon becomes apparent what is really going on here.

Just a matter of time….

One response to “Press Spin: Fluoride public relations effort continues in Florida

  1. Everyone should reconsider ingesting fluoride through the tap water. The FDA has approved 3 fluoride compounds to be used in toothpaste but has NEVER approved of the toxic waste (fluorosilicic acid) that they are polluting our drinking water with. And the toothpaste says to spit out and if swallowed get medical attention.

    Florida readers, join in the effort to stop the practice of putting toxic chemicals in our tap water.

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    Fluoride Free Florida